I get a lot of emails from people saying that they lack self-confidence. This is a common complaint amongst young people especially but it actually affects people from all age groups.

About 10 years ago, I was living on my own in an apartment in London, UK. From the outside everything probably seemed fine. I was working. I could support myself.

But that was it. No wife. No kids. No girlfriend. Nothing. I used to look forward to evenings and weekends where I would drink and smoke weed. Since I pretty much only had myself to think about, and I really only thought about getting high.

I hit a low point

One evening, after having a few drinks I’d got home and, out of habit, started to roll a joint. I’d done this many times before. I’d usually be smoking weed while I was out but on this particular occasion I had only been drinking.

I must have been quite drunk as I packed it full of some quite strong weed. As soon as I had smoked a bit, the room started spinning round and I began to feel quite ill.

I remember desperately trying to get to the bathroom but ending up on the kitchen floor unable to move. Well, I’ll spare you the details of what followed, but as you can imagine, I’d reached a low point in my life!


Why am I telling you this?

Good question. It’s not something I’m proud of, that’s for sure!

The honest truth is that this wasn’t the only time something like this had happened. This actually happened again and again.

But the point is this: each time things like this happened my confidence would get a huge knock. It was like a huge kick in the guts.

How could I do this to myself? Who would have any time for someone who ends up like this? These were the questions that were going round and round my head.

And, questioning yourself like that leads to a lack of self-confidence. And my self-confidence was extremely low at the time anyway.

Lack of self-confidence and marijuana


We’ve all had our good times with marijuana. But we’ve had our bad times too.

I’d worked out that it was, above all else, the weed that was contributing to my lack of self-confidence.

What did I decide to do about it? Well, nothing. I probably rolled up another joint the next day and tried to put it out of my mind.

But, I did do something about it eventually.

I found out with self-hypnosis and meditation I could look at the world in a different way and overcome my problems with confidence and insecurity.

I eventually stopped smoking weed as well.

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