Are you on the journey to quit marijuana? Although not as addictive as people say, weed isn’t helpful in your life. 

According to sources like The National Institutes of Health (NIH), marijuana use disorder is broadly spread and left untreated and “is often associated with other substance use disorders, behavioral problems, and disability.”

Therefore, if you’re wondering if quitting marijuana is a good idea, read on and find out some information that can help you in this confusing process!

Why quit marijuana?

If you landed on this page, you might have been questioning whether it’s a good idea to quit weed, or you might be discussing the matter with someone close to you. 

Either way, making a list of reasons to quit weed can help in this process. So, think about what role marijuana plays in your life. When and why did you start smoking? Then, consider how the habit currently fits into your life and if it harms you in any way.

The reasons to start smoking weed are many. Some people may start smoking recreationally. Others can start using it to control anxiety, relieve stress, or relax. However, like any other drug, marijuana can have adverse effects with constant use over time. 

Therefore, realistically considering this change can help you make the right decision for your situation.

There are several reasons for a person to consider quitting marijuana. Common causes include a lack of interest in their hobbies, less energy for everyday tasks, less disposition to solve problems, difficulty handling mood changes, cognitive impairment, etc.

Can you relate to some of these reasons? Then, it may be time to consider quitting marijuana.

How does marijuana use affect the brain?

Quit marijuana: is it a good idea?
Quit marijuana: is it a good idea?

Despite having a reputation for being harmless, frequent use of cannabis can carry health risks. Its regular use is associated with physical and mental problems. This is because the psychoactive components present in marijuana affect the brain through a series of chemical interactions. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main intoxicating chemical compound found in cannabis. THC stimulates the release of larger than average amounts of dopamine, which is partly responsible for its pleasurable high.

The previous session mentioned how marijuana use can affect your mood, concentration, and memory. One reason this happens is THC’s effect on your brain. 

With this, it is possible that when using marijuana, you feel euphoria, a sensation of altered weather, and distortion in your sensory perception. Prolonged use can escalate to problems of cognitive impairment, increased anxiety, paranoia, etc.

Health benefits of quitting marijuana

Now, with this overview of the risks of weed, how about learning about quitting marijuana’s health benefits?

Tobacco smoke is most commonly associated with breathing problems and cancer. However, according to the American Lung Association, marijuana smoke shares the same risks, and smokers tend to inhale and hold it longer. 

Cannabis can also create air pockets in the lungs. So, by eliminating cannabis from your system, you can improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. 

You will also be less prone to lung infections and pneumonia. Cannabis use even affects your heart. The substances travel to the cardiovascular system and make you more prone to heart attacks, risk of stroke, and cardiovascular problems.

Because marijuana use affects the parts of your brain responsible for decision-making, concentration, learning, and memory, you may experience greater clarity when you give up weed.

Time for a change

After understanding more about weed, you may have decided to quit marijuana. However, it’s normal to be afraid of the difficulties you may face.

Any significant change in your daily habits requires greater dedication so that you can adjust. When it comes to addictive substances, this can be even more intimidating. But everyday people do it, and as you can see, there are several benefits. So, you can succeed if you stick to your goals.

If you need more help in this process of quitting marijuana, get some support by checking our valuable content on our blog!

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