It may look odd to see someone sitting in complete silence and think that they are improving their physical and mental fortitude, but there are plenty of reasons if you wish to quit smoking weed that you should consider the art of meditation. The health advantages of meditation have long been known by doctors and psychologists, as few practices will help deal with stress with the efficiency of meditation.

Stress manifests in many different ways. Whether you feel tension in your joints, whether you have an emotional outburst that you immediately regret, whether you seem tired even after a full night of sleep, your endocrine system is telling you that it needs to be soothed.

Oftentimes, this will have you reaching for a bag of weed or to phone your dealer. But next time, realise there is another way – and it’s cheaper!

Hormones released by stress, especially adrenaline, are meant to improve physical performances and overcome obstacles, but if you do not allow a vent for this stress is takes a toll on your body. In moments of stress your adrenaline will increase blood pressure for more muscle capability: great if you need to run quickly or lift a heavy object, but harmful over a longer span.

Meditation serves as a means of reducing the stresses upon your mind, which in turn exert less demands from your body. Meditation is not the same as REM sleep but is similar to the moments of relaxation after intense exercise: you find your blood pressure dropping and the tension within your muscles feeling better. The change is not only physical: you notice more details as your pupils take in more light, while the increase in oxygen to the brain gives you a positive sense of mind.

When a person is in a deep state of meditation, their body begins to go through a natural healing process of putting more oxygen through the bloodstream, rather than simply increasing the rate of blood flow. Oxygen is the key to every aspect of human life and the more of it that our body uses, the healthier we are. Deeper breaths create an efficiency in the circulatory system that cannot be matched by anything short of high-duration cardiovascular exercise. As your breathing deepens, it also slows, as it would while falling asleep. Yet unlike falling asleep, the brain is not shutting off: you should be able to perceive details, such as the sound of running water or the feel of small air currents. At this point, stress hormones begin to drop due to the abundance of oxygen. After as little as ten to fifteen minutes, they may fade entirely from the bloodstream. At this point, the body relaxes fully.

Eliminating stress hormones creates a wide number of benefits. The health advantages of meditation go as far as helping to lose weight, given that the elimination of hormones like cortosol will keep your metabolism in check by consuming outer layers of fat for energy. The system, furthermore, keeps a person in a regulated system as they want to return to continue their meditation practice. With the calm feeling of meditation comes better mind, soul, and body.


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