Marijuana consumption is very common and widely decriminalized in several countries. However, it can also be an addictive drug, according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Because of that, users may present withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop smoking weed. In this article, check how to stop smoking weed cold turkey

How to Stop Smoking Weed Cold Turkey
How to Stop Smoking Weed Cold Turkey

Why stop smoking weed?

Several reasons lead someone to stop smoking weed. When thinking about yours, you can reflect on how this habit is affecting your life and why it has changed now. 

This can help you gain perspective about your goals and keep yourself motivated while going through this process. 

Some of the main reasons to quit smoking weed are the effects on people’s quality of life. 

For example, you can experience a decrease in your interest in hobbies and activities, your energy, and taking care of yourself can become harder. In addition, some people may feel that the use of marijuana affects their concentration, mood, or memory. 

What is quitting smoking cold turkey?

This method consists of quitting smoking all at once, unlike those who choose to do so gradually. 

A study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that people who stopped smoking cold turkey were less likely to get back at it six months later when compared to those who quit gradually.

Even though it can work for some people, it still can have different effects on others. 

According to NIDA, the symptoms of weed withdrawal are usually mental. So it is crucial to notice that it can be more difficult for some to deal with them and don’t collapse as a result. 

Should you try to quit smoking weed cold turkey?

Before trying to stop smoking weed cold turkey, it is essential to consider the withdrawal symptoms. Even though the process is not usually dangerous, you are still undergoing detoxification, also known as withdrawal. 

Since you are psychologically or physically dependent on it and have cut off the substance from your organism, your brain and body will respond to it. 

This appears as withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, loss of focus, irritability, upset stomach, sweating, depression, anxiety, decreased appetite, etc. You may also experience an extreme craving for weed. 

Withdrawal Symptoms: How long does it last?

The symptoms of cannabis withdrawal usually last for about four weeks. After the first two weeks, most of the more severe ones are gone. Overall, they last no more than three months for more severe cases. 

Marijuana withdrawal can vary according to the person’s experience with the process. Some people may have no problem the first time, and after returning to smoke weed, they might experience more severe symptoms the second time. Eventually, they disappear, even if it takes a few months. 

How to deal with weed withdrawal symptoms? 

It can be challenging to deal with withdrawal symptoms, especially if you have never experienced them before. 

However, you can do so by taking some simple steps to cope with the desire to come back to smoking weed and the stress of the process.

You can start by sharing what you are going through with a supporting system, like your close friends and loved ones. They can help with support and make you hold yourself accountable. 

It is also very healthy to try to understand your triggers and how you can cultivate healthier habits to deal with them. 

It is also imperative to take care of your health by staying hydrated, having a healthy diet, and overall taking care of your body. If you feel it is out of your control, you should always consult with your doctor. 

As you can see, the process of how to stop smoking weed cold turkey can have many steps. But overall, it can be very successful. 

If you found this article helpful and need more information on quitting smoking marijuana, browse our blog and stay tuned!

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