We all know why you should give up weed but how do you give up weed?

Habits are defined as routines of behavior that are repeated regularly. After a while the habit occurs subconsciously – smoking and becoming stoned may be deep routed in your subconscious.

It’s a dog’s life

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov is an early 1900s Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner. You may have heard of his dog.

Pavlov noticed his dog salivating in response to food. He then altered this response by ringing a bell before his dog’s feeding time. Eventually the dog but still salivated only on hearing the sound, not after seeing the food.

This established a pattern reaction. And, to stop a pattern reaction, you work in much the same way. Change your conditioning/habits/actions, and you will change your habit. Try to stop conditioned reflexes to establish your reactions. In other words break the psychological associations with your marijuana (weed=good; weed=happy; weed=comfort) and change them into something else or replace them altogether.

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Everybody’s different and unfortunately there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to smoking or marijuana cessation. However, as with the above psychological associations, certain factors hold true across the board.

Giving up weed check list for everybody

Here’s a checklist of some of the ways you can prepare yourself for giving up.

1. Write down your reasons to quit

You’ve had enough and you want to give up. You don’t like the way you feel when you smoke sometimes and you don’t like the way you feel when you don’t smoke. You’ve forgotten a time when you woke up and got out of bed with a spring in your stride and looked forward to the day. Yes, that used to happen and it’s gone. However, this feeling is normal for most people. Get it back.

That’s one reason. I’m sure you’ll be able to find others. Better health. Better confidence. Better concentration. But you think of the specifics that relate to you. Write them down in your best handwriting. Add to it over time.

2. Get rid of your stash

Yup. Sorry. It’s going to have to go. No arguments. Enough said.

3. Get rid of the paraphernalia and effects of smoking

So bongs, papers, roach material, ashtrays, etc. But, more importantly, this would be a good time to tidy the place up. The increase order in your living conditions will give you further good associations with giving up. You are achieving things already. Isn’t that why we’re doing this?

4. Take up a new hobby

You’re just about to lose a time-honored “trusted” companion and a habit. You’re going to have to replace it with something else that pleases both your body and mind just as much as the pot would. There are two obvious contenders: exercise and food.

Start taking more exercise immediately – this will be good for you on so many levels. Exercise increases endorphins naturally which will make you feel better. Doing an exercise is doing something to improve yourself and your conscious mind knows this, it’ll give you a conscious (and maybe a subconscious) pat on the back for doing it. Your lungs will start to improve within days of giving up and so you will be able to feel the physical improvements with exercise. All this reinforces the positives of having given up.

But, don’t stop there. Read more. Get interested in something now that you’ve got better concentration. Tapestry, magic, DJing… if your hands have something new to do, they might not miss spliffs as much, and nor will you.

5. Buy some flowers or fresh-smelling candles for your home

You will want to see your situation improve as much as possible so that you see immediate benefits.

Giving up weed check list for some people

Everyone’s different. So here are some more tips you may or may not like to

1. Choose a date for your quit day

You may like to make it a Friday if you work Monday to Friday. Sleep patterns could well be disturbed.

2. Tell a couple of friends or family

This one’s up to you. You may decide not to and do it alone. However sometimes it’s good to have support on days you feel tempted.

3. Buy some whitening toothpaste

Weed and smoke isn’t discolouring your teeth now. Treat yourself. Money? Schmoney! Think of the thousands $$$ you’ll be saving!

How to stop smoking pot

There will be times when you think it’s easy, there will be times when it’ll seem like the most difficult thing in the world. But all things must pass. Everything changes. Just make sure things change for the better for you.

Help is at hand. More to come!

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