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Quit Marijuana – The Complete Guide

Quitting weed is a lot simpler when you have a purpose. Meeting my wife became my purpose for quitting, it was the hardest thing I’d ever done. A lot of you won’t have that purpose, that motivation to quit cold turkey. And that’s OK, few people do quit cold turkey. What’s important is you want to quit, and that you’re open to the possibilities this brings.

Addiction Coach

Getting help to quit is an important step, especially when we feel ashamed, embarassed, or just too proud to admit we need it. This is where an addiction coach comes in. Tristan is an Australian addiction coach, and his story is unique. He’s an ex-drug dealer and used weed for 13 years. The guy has literally turned his life around, and still retains that cocky Aussie confidence.

Skills for Life

Tristan’s course is about getting your focus together and staying on track. And he totally makes you feel like you can do it. Naturally, the course is specific to giving up cannabis – it’s highly detailed and comprehensive, and you’ll need to be very clear about your intentions before you start. But there are life skills to be gained here, and most importantly, the opportunity to quit weed and never look back.

Be Dedicated

The course is quite intense and requires dedication. If you’re not really committed to quitting, I wouldn’t advise doing it. But if you are committed, even if you have doubts about your ability to quit, lean into what Tristan provides and use that to steel your resolve.

Take a look at what’s on offer through the link below.


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