Hi, I’m Evan. I started this site because giving up weed was one most significant things I’ve done in my life. It was also one of the hardest. Giving up weed is one thing, but substituting it for something else is quite common. In my case, this was food – I put on a ton of weight after quitting. Even now, it’s hard to walk past a donut store without each one of them calling out, “Eat me, Evan, eat me!” Anyhow, I got my weight back under control over time, but the point is giving up weed isn’t just about the weed itself – for a lot of us, it’s also about the way we think and how that got us dependent on weed to begin with

Each journey is different because each one of us different. What worked for me probably won’t work for you. My goal here though, is to list a wide variety of articles and resources so that you can find something that works for you.

If someone like me can give up weed, I promise you, you can too.

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