Are you interested in learning the quitting weed timeline benefits

If you arrived on this page, you might want to quit weed but perhaps feel afraid of withdrawal symptoms or don’t have enough motivation or information to persist. 

This article explains why you should consider quitting marijuana and the benefits of quitting weed as time passes by. So keep reading!

5 quitting weed timeline benefits you need to know
5 quitting weed timeline benefits you need to know

The first 24 to 72 hours: your respiratory health is improved

According to the American Lung Association, smoking harms your lung health, regardless of the type. 

Marijuana smoke contains many of the same irritants, carcinogens, and toxins as tobacco smoke. 

Another concern is that those who smoke weed tend to breathe in more deeply while also holding the smoke in their lungs longer than those who use tobacco. As a result, this practice can cause lung problems over time.

Research published in the European Respiratory Journal shows that young adults that are frequent marijuana users tend to present bronchitis symptoms. They are also prone to experience morning coughs and excess phlegm. 

When you quit, your lungs begin to heal in the first few days. This process will continue for several years, depending on how long you were a marijuana user and how frequently you used to smoke. 

However, some impaired lung functions may be permanent, so it is essential to get medical advice.

48 hours to 1 week after quitting: more mental clarity and improved cognitive functioning

These might be one of the most evident quitting weed timeline benefits. Your memory, motivation, learning, and motor control are improved during the 48 hours to 1-week period. 

This happens because the brain receptors responsible for regulating these neurological processes return to their normal function. 

As a result, you might also experience more pleasure and feel more motivated to execute tasks and simply live life.

2 weeks after quitting: you become less vulnerable to mental health issues

Some people may use cannabis to relax. However, many others may experience anxiety while smoking weed or right after that. 

This is due to cannabinoids in THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis). These substances can overstimulate the part of the brain that controls how you generally feel, including feelings like anxiety, paranoia, panic, and fear.

You can already feel free from these emotions just a few days to two weeks after quitting weed. But it is also crucial to remember that you may also experience withdrawal symptoms. 

It is possible that you feel restless and bored and even experience depression. However, if it persists, you should search for professional help.

4 weeks after quitting marijuana 

In this period, you may be experiencing fewer cravings. But it is expected to have these feelings still when in places or around people that remind you that you used to smoke. 

Remember the quitting weed timeline benefits and how much your health has been improved through this.

Long-term improvements of quitting marijuana

Next, you will see some of the long-term benefits of quitting weed. Check them out!

Your brain receptors return to normal function

In these quitting weed timeline benefits, we mentioned that your brain starts to recover after one week. 

One month later, the results have been improved, and you can feel that your memory, mental acuity, and attention span are back to normal. 

In addition, you may experience more clarity and feel that you are functioning better and being more present. 

Improve your heart health

When you smoke, THC and other cannabinoids can travel from your lungs to your cardiovascular system. Weed also makes your heart beat faster. Combined, these can increase the risks of a stroke or a heart attack. 

If you are a chronic marijuana user, these can increase the size of your heart and also inflame it. However, you can reverse this by quitting weed.

After that, your heart will return to normal, and the chances of cardiovascular issues, stroke, and heart attack will decrease. 

Did this article help you clear your doubts about the quitting weed timeline benefits? We hope it also encourages you to take the next step to stop smoking marijuana.

If you want more information about this process, keep browsing our blog and check more content!

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