Many reasons lead people to start smoking weed. One’s first encounter with weed is usually quite pleasant, and no harmful consequences seem to come out of smoking in the first place. After that, however, there are good reasons to give up weed.

The thought that a person should give up weed is surprising for those just starting out. But, as time goes by, the pleasures of weed tend to diminish, and the side-effects tend to compound.

If you want to learn more about why you should quit smoking weed, keep reading and check out 4 reasons to consider!

You Can Achieve All the Supposed Benefits in Different Ways

Weed seems to bring short-term benefits, like a sense of euphoria or stress relief. The thing is, you can feel all of the supposed benefits that weed achieves by other means. 

For example, meditation, sports, and other activities are more healthy ways to achieve the same good sensations caused by weed without side effects. 

Moreover, the instant gratification provided by weed creates a craving that needs to be satisfied as fast as possible. Thus, weed becomes a form to fulfill a hole established by itself.

However, if you quit weed and focus on other activities that provide the same sensations, you will improve your health and adopt better habits in your life.

Weed Is Bad for Your Health

Prolonged weed has been associated with many health problems. These health concerns are physical and mental related. 

Weed is associated with the aggravation of mental health problems, like bipolar disorder. Also, regular users have a higher chance of developing psychosis and depression.

Moreover, when you smoke weed, the chemicals released on your body can damage your lungs. A little amount of evidence also suggests that weed can increase your risk of testicular cancer.

Although many people tend to say the effects of weed in the body, for example, are less harmful than cigarettes, this does not mean you will not suffer consequences on your health if you abuse or get addicted to marijuana. 

Therefore, thinking about the issues you can cause to your health by smoking marijuana is another excellent reason to give up weed. 

You Can Save Money

As we know, any service requires money, be it in regular transactions or taxation. Thus, the spending you’ll need to do to keep smoking weed is one more of the reasons to give up weed.

Weed can be addictive, and the more you smoke, the more you’ll have to spend to feed your addiction. So just think about how much you will need to expend to keep smoking regularly. 

Spending money on weed once or twice doesn’t seem to be that high, but as it accumulates through the years, the money used to buy weed could have had a much better destination, maybe even some lucrative investments.

You Can Become Smarter

Being smart is essential to achieving personal and financial goals. The problem is we hinder the fantastic intelligence that we were born with by smoking weed. So, this is one more motive for you to give up weed.

Marijuana makes it hard to concentrate, elaborate thoughts, and even cause memory problems. In fact, studies conducted in animals show that weed even alters how the hippocampus, an essential part of the brain for information processing and memory formation, operates.

Therefore, if you give up this habit, you will be able to communicate better, engage in social discussions with more clarity of thought, and overall feel more confident about your intellectual capacity.

As you have seen, there are several reasons to give up weed, but ultimately, you are responsible for this decision.

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