Giving up weed can be difficult, especially if you are addicted. However, some things can help you in the process. Loving family members and friends, health care, willpower, and how to give up weed books are some examples of helpful tools.

Books are great to entertain, inform, challenge, help you keep your focus on your goals of quitting weed, etc. 

So, we’ve prepared a list of them to help you get more inspired and motivated in your journey to quit smoking weed. 

Keep reading and check some information on how to give up weed books!

  1. The Power of Habits

Charles Duhigg wrote The Power of Habits. Its celebrated author has even won a Pulitzer Prize. Although its subject isn’t related to quitting weed specifically, the book provides guidelines on creating and giving up habits in general.

In The Power of Habits, Duhigg will discuss the fundamental components of habits and the science behind them. The use of stories to illustrate the concepts in the book is great to inspire. 

The book also contains a guide on how to use the ideas presented in your day-to-day life. With some effort, the concepts in the book can help when trying to give up weed.

According to Duhigg, every habit is composed of three stages: Cue, Routine, and Reward. The author claims that it’s possible to stop being a victim of your old behavior patterns by carefully attending to each one. Instead, you can be the engineer of your behavior.

  1. Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Easy Way to Stop Smoking was written by Allen Carr, and as The Power Of Habits, this book isn’t specifically about how to give up weed. 

Instead, its focus lies on tobacco, but the lessons presented can easily be applied to smoking marijuana.

The author tries to deal with the usual rationalizations addicted people give and explain them away instead of the regular attempts to scare smokers into stopping.

There is a high chance that if smoking weed is a problem for you, you’ll find some of the excuses outlined in the book. 

Moreover, you can also expect good advice on practical matters related to smoking by reading this book.

  1. Quitting Weed: The Complete Guide

Quitting Weed: The Complete Guide is one of the best books specializing in weed on the market. If you want information about giving up weed, this book has all the practical matters sorted out. 

It will make you understand the science of addiction and show you how to deal with the emotional difficulties a person usually goes through when giving up weed. It even has information on withdrawal symptoms and how to treat them best.

Moreover, the book will help you deal with social difficulties in the giving up weed process, like peer pressure and boredom. 

It will also show you how to adopt a new mindset, seeing the decision of giving up weed not as a loss but as a favor you are doing to yourself.

Now that you know some “how to give up weed books” related to the matter or regarding the root of the problem, you can take this as an opportunity to start your giving up weed journey. 

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