Fight your weed addiction with St John’s Wort

What is St John’s Wort? St John’s Wort (SJW) is a supplement derived from a yellow-flowered herb that grows wild across Europe, as well as some parts of Asia and America. In recent years, it has developed an impressive reputation for its ability to treat depression and anxiety, as well as a range...

Quit Weed using Meditation

Marijuana is the most used illicit drug in the world, having over 200 slang terms ascribed to it; pot, grass, Mary-Jane, and, of course, weed. Weed works in the brain, affecting and changing the chemistry to cause a range of different effects in the user; from mellow, giggling relaxation to taut,...

Am I Addicted to Weed? Take Our Test!

In addition to the debate as to whether cannabis is addictive or not, many people ask themselves, "am I addicted to weed or not?"   Many people wonder, after a while smoking marijuana, that the harmless herb isn't a more problematic substance. Have you found yourself wondering if you're...


Taking action towards quitting weed means more than just reading about it and tossing out your smoking paraphernaliaLearn how to quit from an expert marijuana addiction coach.


Cannabis influences a wide selection of the communityThe stereotypical hippie stoner is just the tip of the user demographic. Learn more about marijuana issues specific to you.


Find out more about some of resources available to help you give up weed.

Quitting weed is harder than ever. Cannabis is stronger than it was 20 years ago. Life is also more complex, making weed an appealing relaxant. But there are downsides; the more you use over time, the less potent the effect, therefore the more you use – it’s a brutal cycle. What may have started out as social relaxation can gradually turn into addiction. Perhaps you don’t think it’s addiction, maybe you’re just finding it hard to smoke less. Whatever the case, if you’re reading this, you’re looking for a bit of help.

I am that help. I gave up weed nearly 12 years ago. Back then, I met an amazing woman who is now my wife. She wasn’t going to tolerate my weed smoking, and I didn’t want to lose her, so giving up cold turkey was an obvious choice. And a very hard thing to do. But with her, I had the motivation I’d never had before.

Maybe you have a lot of motivation or a little – it doesn’t matter because each of us are unique; our personalities, thinking, circumstances, environment, and individual biologies, all affect our response to cannabis and how we overcome it.

You can quit. I know this, because if I can, you can. This site includes different information and options for quitting weed, because what works for me, may not work for you. I’m updating the site all the time with new information, but I hope you’ll find everything you need now.

Looking for that magic pill
Cold turkey was my only option 12 years ago. It sucked. Fortunately now, there’s more information and resources available. I’ve researched many different courses, and the Quit Marijuana course is the best option for anyone committed to quitting immediately. This Australian addiction coach offers an intense and thorough approach to letting go of cannabis. I’d love to tell you it’s a magic pill solution – it’s not, you have a lot of work to do. But if you do the work and stick with it, you’ll gain skills for life. Most importantly, you can give up weed and never look back.

All the best


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